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Consulting Services

Manpower and qualified personnel is the unquenchable need of the IT Industry. Locating resources to increase productivity is a task DISL undertakes for its clients. Reaching your technological goals faster is what we help you do.

Filling your need for skills and services regarding various solutions and platforms, DISL offers consulting and contract programming services to clients ranging from multinationals to manufacturing companies. We provide them with professionals to suit their project requirements and to assist them in creating and developing user-friendly solutions according to their tastes. We help you locate and place, the right individual in the right job.

DISL's software professionals are skilled in Oracle, Visual Basic, Developer 2000, C++,VC++, HTML, Java Script, Windows NT, ASP, Visual Interdev, Java ,JSP and Java Beans. Our immediate response, competitive rates, flexibility and a software engineering network that takes your project to the threshold of success, are the highlights our service.

IT Services :

DISL offers services that cater to the clients network in all the project phases like consulting & design, acquisition & deployment, operation & support, and enhancement & migration. We aim at reducing the Total cost ownership, reducing the risk of transfer to new technology and increasing productivity. DISL concentrates on ensuring that each system is designed to suit the clientís precise needs.

Comprehensive Management Plan :

DISL will develop a Comprehensive Management Plan (CMP), which will track :

  • Project control mechanisms.
  • Change control methods.
  • Sign-off responsibility.
  • Delivery schedules.
  • Acceptance criteria.
  • Project risk assessment 

Throughout the duration of the project the CMP will pay particular attention to all the key management tasks and issues.

Management and Coordination :

We ensure optimum use of available resources so that the project takes place as planned and within the specified budget. All activities related to clientís MIS departments, business and operational units, end users, vendors, and outsourcers are paid individual attention to. All stages in the planning, construction and development of the project are coordinated by our Project Manager who keeps track of the risks involved and sees that the project is streamlined according to the project plans. He regulates the various activities of the diverse project elements critical to the successful completion of the project. The manager has extensive IT expertise and has the following responsibilities :

  • Task Plan - Complete project plan identifying all task functions, resources, time allocated and deliverables to be produced.

  • Task Reports - Completion reports, which identify directly the tasks/deliverables completed and the timeframe.

  • Status Reports - Progress reports are maintained and presented to the client on the appropriate periodic basis.

  • Problem Identification and Reports - Reports necessary to develop a plan for corrective actions are promptly submitted to the client.

  • Meeting Reports -Minutes from meetings are documented and tracked based on the projectís scope and size.

  • Phase/Final Reports - The contents of final reports include: summary of results, sign-off, observations, recommendations, supporting documentation, and conclusions.

Technical Management :

We involve our client at all levels of project development such as analysis, design, prototyping, coding, testing and implementation. We handle the consultants from the stages of analysis to implementation. DISL project manager and the clientís project manager regularly update each other as regards technical matters.

Technical Approach :

DISLís role is to manage clientís development project. Our planning and management expertise provide better management control and result in higher end-user satisfaction by lowering risk.

Staffing and Resources :

We create our own resources and we efficiently handle the design, planning, installation and support of information technology solutions according to our clientís specifications.