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       e-Commerce Solutions  

The Internet revolution brought with it a wave of new technology and a new vision to the world of business. The process, the market, the solutions, all went through a new awakening as the reach of the Internet was realized. Business began to widen the spread of their activities and inform all about their presence. They began to take cognizance of the way they operate and the unlimited opportunities for growth presented by the Internet. And thus slowly began the advent of e-commerce.

DISL in e-Commerce :-

DISL creates software to strengthen its Internet service offerings by providing customers with electronic commerce solutions that interface their customersí new and existing websites. DISL help you harness the revenue generating potential of your web site and with its wide range of services helps you retain your customers and build your client profile.

DISLís proficiency in the world of e-commerce is due to its in-depth knowledge and the expertise it has garnered over the years. We help you run your business more successfully by assisting you in improving how you build, integrate, and operate your information systems by providing custom solutions that uses Internet technology to improve your business process.

We give you practical solutions to suit your needs. Our group of professionals help you to achieve remarkable recognition in the web and you are ensured success. DISL aims at empowering a business on-line to increase its ability and potential to do business at minimal expense.

DISLís e-Commerce strategy involves :-

  • Opening up the enterprise to include partners, suppliers and customers.

  • Connecting the new expanded enterprise through a universal electronic medium.

  • Integrating and aligning technology, processes, and human performance.

  • Defining and implementing a distinctive Internet presence.

  • Re-evaluating the organization's entire business model.

DISLís e-Commerce services give you benefits such as :-

  1. Reduced transaction fees.
  2. Real-time tracking of transactions.

  3. Up-selling of products.

  4. Remote and easy management of storefront and products.

  5. Fully protected, secure transaction capabilities.

  6. Increasing customer base worldwide.

Our services include:

  1. Strategy:-We provide creative solutions to business problems, giving your business a competitive edge through the innovative integration of Internet technology with your existing systems.

  2. e-Commerce Solutions:- e-commerce provides your business with a secure, scalable Web selling solution. e-commerce can reduce your business costs while broadening market reach. DISL provides solutions for both Business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce and Business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce.

  3. Application Development :- Develop applications for your specific needs. Through DISLís Application Development Service, your company can quickly respond to business and system changes with quick delivery of high-quality custom applications.

  4. Internet Solutions :- DISL is today helping customers get real business results from the Internet. With our expertise in e-commerce, Internet activities, security and privacy, we can help you plan, architect, and implement a reliable, secure Internet solution to fit your specific business needs.

  5. E-security :- For any business, the e-commerce infrastructure requires an integrated and active security solution that protects the enterprises' digital assets using encryption, security scanning, intrusion detection, firewall, authentication, public key infrastructure and virtual private networks. Our database has been perfected through many years of hard experience and success. We offer the option of customizing the fraud controls for your account with powerful verification tools for even more stringent fraud management. At DISL, protecting the integrity of your customer's checking or credit card account is paramount. All of customer's transactions are processed on our state of the art, secure servers using SSL technology or using Java security model. We provide web server and appliances security, object signing and reduced login security.

  6. e-applications :-The challenge today is to build N-tier database and legacy connectivity solutions for Web applications. We can work with you to develop customized Internet applications based on technologies such as Java, CGI, PERL, XML and others. We can work with your team to build an e-commerce application framework suitable and affordable to your clients. Let DISL work with you to develop component-based e-commerce solutions.

  7. e-Products and Services:-DISL offers expert e-Business consultancy and sophisticated Internet-based product solutions. We help you define your Internet strategies, and then work with you to design, build and implement solutions to execute those strategies. Whether your goal is to transform your existing business or launch a new digital venture, DISL can make it happen for you.

DISLís e-Commerce practice is aimed at integrating Internet technologies from various alliance partners for end user organizations and helping them in building seamless information bridges with their Customers, Suppliers, Employees and Business Partners.