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With everyone turning to the net, business has now new parameters for functioning. Numerous means to cut costs and increase your sales have been brought forth due to the versatility and inventiveness of the Internet.

DISL’s to enhance e-procurement has developed ‘DISL-e-procure’ which is a user-friendly web based solution, which is set to revolutionize the way business is conducted. Envisaging better opportunities for commerce processes, traders can perform their trade activities online and locate dealers anywhere in the world and update and modernize the procurement system.

DISL e -Procure

A Purchasing Productivity Solution: For those who aim at increasing productivity and efficacy of buying, sourcing, ordering, logistics tracking and payment processes, DISL-e-Procure is perfect solution for you. DISL-e-Procure helps buyers to :-

  • Identify and build partnerships with new suppliers worldwide.
  • Strengthen relationships and streamline sourcing processes.
  • Rapidly distribute information and specifications to your partners.
  • Distribute RFQs electronically.
  • Transmit electronic drawings to multiple suppliers simultaneously.
  • Cut purchasing cycle time and reduce associated costs.
  • Hold multiple bidding rounds until a favourable price is reached.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your ERP/ Legacy system.
  • Track status of the project.
  • Integrate payment process with the supply chain DISL-e-Procure.

A Selling Productivity Solution: For those who would like to reach illimitable buyers from around the globe, reduce sales and marketing costs, have shorter sales cycles and new business opportunities, DISL-e-Procure helps you achieve all of the above. DISL-e-Procure helps you gain access to big businesses from around the globe.

The advantages to the seller are as follows:-

  • Receives the RFQs on the site- faster and confirmed access to standard RFQs.
  • Can receive multiple RFQs- higher business volume.
  • Can receive advance RFQs - gear up for future projects well in advance.
  • Receive drawings or specifications electronically - absence of human error makes it possible to study the enclosures carefully.

  • Send the bids on the site - saves time and enables faster decision-making process.
  • Can conduct multiple negotiations - saves time and efforts.
  • Receipt of contract - can ensure faster deliveries, hence realizing payments faster and on time.

The DISL-e-Procure advantage :-

  • Cost Reduction : Every rupee saved in the procurement goes directly to the profit margin.

  • Price Reduction : Global-e-Procure gives buyer organization access to a larger supplier database leading to healthy competition and competitive prices.

  • Time Reduction : Average purchase and fulfilment cycle times are reduced from 45 days to around 15 days.

  • Pain Reduction : This is an immeasurable advantage when it comes to efficiency of the procurement process and of the organization on the whole.