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Project Management

DISL ensures it succeeds in all ventures that it undertakes. Our combination of expert professionals with the high proficiency we exclude in various IT platforms, is a volatile combination. Productivity and performance form our base in creating systems, which inculcate the finest components of the software bases.

Our Project Management is developed on the finest platforms and execution is based on the clientís need and mental image of the solution. Promoting E-business is the focus of our Project Management team, which helps you implement various technologies to take you to the highest realms of productivity.

Project Management spans the entire project life cycle. DISLís technique and finesse in execution and management of software is based on actual performance than on hypothetical models. The end of each performance is accompanied by initiation of more processes. The person who takes the whole project from the initial stages of thought to the final stages of delivery is the project manager. The project manager is the one who maintains and builds relationships between the client and the firm.

From the first project plan formulation step, the Project Manager in consultation with the client determines the clientís exact requirements, plans the project, schedules it and decides the team that will work on the project. The plans made at all levels are after receiving approval of the client. An intensive database is then prepared and resources required for the project are accumulated and each progress is noted. Errors too are taken into account and corrective steps are immediately formulated. Regular reviews are also undertaken and the project manager overviews the teams working and all work to cost-effectively achieve the targets set in the particular time frame. Project Management also involves Technology Management, which is an intensive process. Deciding the exact components for the project and technologies to be used,  based on end-user comfort is important.

DISLís commitment and involvement from all personnel associated with project development are important ingredients of its success. The Project Management is enhanced due to the rich quality of human capital DISL invests in. The team functions as an effective unit to take the project to the final levels of implementation with a coordinated and dedicated approach and ensures the generation of the best possible software solution.